Choosing Furniture For Modern Micro-Apartments

When tiny houses came on the scene several years ago, it was only natural that micro-apartments would soon follow. Even though small studio living spaces have long been common fixtures on the urban landscapes of U.S. cities such as New York city and San Fransisco, they are a new concept in Canada. For those who are single and moving to a new city on a limited budget in order to pursue education or career goals, these apartments offer a fairly low-cost way to get started in a new location without having to resort to having a roommate to make ends meet. These are also often located in or very near business districts and also offer proximity to shopping, dining, and entertainment venues, making it possible to live and work in an urban environment without a personal vehicle.

However, living in a tiny apartment isn't without its challenges. For instance, this isn't the time to hit up your parents for their castoff furniture. Living comfortably in a micro-apartment requires extremely innovative use of space, and while most come equipped with built-ins such as staircase dressers and wall-mounted desks, the furniture you select should also pull double duty to provide two separate functions. Following are three suggestions designed to help you make the most out of living in a small space.

A Rolling Butcher-Block Table With Cabinets

Kitchen counter space is always at a premium even in standard-sized apartments, so if you prepare meals at home on a regular basis, a rolling butcher-block table will be invaluable, and the cabinets underneath the butcher-block provide much-needed storage space. When you aren't using your butcher block for meal preparation, you can use it as a dining table or roll it to your living area and use it to hold a portable television while you enjoy a movie.

Couches, Chairs, and Beds With Built-In Storage Space

You probably won't be able to fit more than a small couch and perhaps a sleek armchair, but you can make them earn their keep by selecting ones that provide storage space along with a comfortable place to sit. Many couches and chairs come with pull-out drawers where you can stash clothing, linens, books, and other items. Unless your opted for a micro-apartment that comes equipped with a pull down bed or you've decide to purchase a couch that converts into a bed, you should get a bed that comes with drawers as well -- furniture with built-in storage will eliminate the need for space-consuming chests-of-drawers.

Folding Desks and Dining Tables

Your micro-apartment will look and feel far less cluttered if you invest in folding desks and dining tables. When you're finished eating, you can simply fold up your table, and when it's time to turn off your computer for the day, you can simply fold up your desk so it will be out of your way. Folding desks and tables come in a variety of sizes and styles, including ones that you can mount on the wall for maximum space-saving benefits. You can also purchase a wall-mounted folding laptop work station that has cabinet space for several books and supplies and a drawer for paper and other incidentals. The laptop platform folds neatly upwards when not in use to create the look of a stylish cabinet hanging on the wall.

After you move into your micro-apartment, you'll undoubtedly come up with many other creative ways to furnish your small space for maximum comfort and appeal. One of the best things about furnishing a small place is that you don't have to spend a huge amount of money, leaving you with resources to enjoy life in your new city.