4 Tips To Maintain And Care For Antique Mahogany Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is a great addition to any room in your home, especially wooden antique furniture. Antique wooden furniture is often made with mahogany wood, which is characterized by its unique reddish brown color and uniform grain.

Mahogany trees often grow very large and have relatively small knots when compared to other trees. However, currently mahogany is a protected wood species and in danger of extinction, making it difficult to find modern furniture made from mahogany. If you have antique mahogany wood furniture, here are a few care and maintenance tips to ensure it retains its beauty.

Protection From Excess Moisture

Mahogany, like other types of wood furniture can be significantly affected by excess moisture. If you have mahogany outdoor furniture, it should never be cleaned with a pressure washer and always store it in a waterproof area. Outdoor mahogany furniture should be covered to protect it from rain and hail storms.

Controlled Indoor Environment

Mahogany wood expands and contracts when the humidity levels rise and fall. So, if your mahogany wood furniture is in a dry environment, you should consider using a humidifier. Moisture and/or excessive dryness in the air may cause antique wood to shrink and crack.

Using a humidifier will help to keep the humidity levels stable, which limits the moisture and controls the dryness, especially during the winter when the heat is on. Mahogany wood furniture should also be kept away from direct sunlight and exposure to heat.

Dusting Antique Wood

In order to prevent a buildup of dust, which may affect the texture and tone of the wood, mahogany should be dusted frequently. It's best to not use any spray wood cleaner on antique wood. To dust, simply use a soft cloth to wipe dust and debris from flat surfaces and a clean, soft paintbrush to get into cracks and crevices.

Cleaning Antique Mahogany Wood

You will need to occasionally clean the wood, but you should only use a natural cleaning product designed for wood. Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe away grime; do not use excessive amounts of water as it can warp the wood. Make sure to thoroughly dry and buff the wood after cleaning it. Remember to always test a new cleaner before using it on visual areas of the wood. To test, apply a small amount of the cleaner on the inside of a leg or on the back of the furniture. It's also best to avoid using oil-based cleaners, which can leave a film or residue on the wood.

Your antique mahogany wood furniture may require waxing to maintain the shine and to protect the wood. Waxing should only be done about every 3-4 months and you should use a quality wax designed specifically for wood furniture. Make sure to buff away all of the wax with a clean, soft cloth. If your mahogany furniture requires restorations, doing the work yourself may result in damages to the wood, so it's best to have someone experienced in antiques as well as mahogany wood do the restorations.