Three Places To Use Director's Chairs In Your Home

When you're shopping for chairs at a local furniture store that you'll use in different areas of your home, it's a good idea to be open to unique styles of chairs that might not immediately catch your eye. One such chair is the director's chair, which gets its name from its traditional popularity on movie sets. These chairs are typically made with a wood or metal frame and with a canvas or leather seat and back support, and they add visual appeal to your home and can be a good addition to a number of spaces. Here are three places in your home that you may want to use director's chairs.

Home Bar

If you have a bar in your home, this is likely a popular area in which people congregate when you host gatherings. There's nothing wrong with going the traditional route of using barstools, but director's chairs can be another option — provided that you buy special chairs that have longer legs than conventional models. Director's chairs not only provide more visual interest around your home bar than stools, but they're also more comfortable because of the softer seat and the presence of the back support.

Dining Room

It's conventional to have wooden chairs with plush upholstery in your dining room, but this isn't the only route that you can take. Switch things up by outfitting this room with director's chairs instead of traditional dining room chairs, and you'll create an appealing space. Their lightweight nature means that it's easier for children and elderly people to move them around when they're taking a seat or getting up from the table. Additionally, if your dining room table always feels crowded, it could be because of the size of the chairs. If you can find director's chairs that are narrower, you'll free up space at your table.


If you're able to find director's chairs that are designed for use outdoors and thus made of weather-resistant materials, they can be a worthwhile seating option for your patio, deck, or any other outdoor area around your home. The appearance of these chairs is far superior to traditional plastic patio seating, which can be appealing to you if you're someone with a high sense of style. Even if you can't find weather-resistant director's chairs, you can consider buying folding director's chairs and store them indoors when you and your family aren't using them outside on your patio.

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